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POPL 2012 road trip

A number of IU and CMU students are attending POPL this year (many of us funded by PLMW). The idea of a joint IU/CMU road trip caravan to POPL has been floated. Discuss.

Roll call

  • Lindsey Kuper (rooming with krmckelv, have a reservation at the Hyatt; want to attend PLMW/PLPV/POPL/OBT)
  • Aaron W. Hsu (OBT+POPL)
  • Aaron Todd (attending PLMW/POPL/OBT, room at the Hyatt with an assigned room mate, stuck in “find a two bed room” hell)
  • Zach Sparks (No reservations or anything yet, definitely need to be at OBT)
  • Michael Hansen (No reservations or anything yet, planning for OBT+POPL)

Add your name here!


Vehicle logistics

I (Aaron W. Hsu) have one vehicle that I plan to drive to the conference anyways: Saab 9-3 SportCombi (A.K.A. — a wagon) with room for one additonal passenger. [Warning, in driving, audiobooks will be involved!]

I (Aaron Todd) have a large sedan I can drive from Bloomington. Space for 3-4 passengers.


Rough “5 minutes on Google” estimate is $900 for a one week van rental from one of the usual car rental companies.

IU affiliation could reduce this / allow younger drivers?

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